Saturday, September 15, 2012

September Activities

Hey Wild Woolies Fall is in the air--knitting and spinning season for sure! Upcoming activities include: In Durango, check out the weavings of Hilary Heyl: More on her here

  • Saturday, September 22nd: 15th Annual Carding and Spinning Day at the Historic Toadlena Trading Post from 10am to 4pm. Some of us went last year and had a great experience. Map and directions can be found at -- meet up there.
  • Saturday, September 29th "Official" WWS Gathering: Bayfield Heritage Day including the running of the sheep at 9am, parade after that, vendors, antique road show, ice cream making, beer garden, dancers, even fireworks. A canopy will be set for spinners and and some of our own will be working with kids on some dyeing, weaving, felting, and spool knitting demos--if you have time to help with the kids that would be great. Come on out, bring a chair and your spinning.

    Keep in mind for next month:
  • Saturday, October 27th Spinning at the new Knit One Purl Street in Bayfield. Come by around 10am and see Linda's new digs. Lunch at Tequilas.

Also, we know it is early, but start thinking about ideas for the holiday dinner in early December--especially you folks down south or out west. If you would like to participate, please let us know @
Some thoughts from Pam:
With so much going on we are losing touch with one another. To let us know what you are up to please feel free to use this blog by commenting below-- let us know what is going on. We haven’t seen very many of you for so long. We miss you and hope you are all busy working with fibers. Please add pictures to your updates. Let’s continue to keep in touch even if you can’t make it to the monthly spinning day. Take advantage of the blog and talk to your spinning friends. Don’t hesitate to email me directly if you have any trouble or concerns. Thanks everyone, Pam Dyer