Friday, January 6, 2012

January 2012 Meeting

Happy New Year!

From Linda Smith:
I'd be happy to host the January gathering on the 28th. Come around 10ish. Lunch around noon. I will make pots of white and red chili; if you want to bring something to go with it, do so, but it isn't required.

I am hoping we might have a lovely morning of snowshoeing first across our place into the BLM hills behind, which is my favorite trek and usually "well groomed" from much shoeing. If you are not accustomed to shoeing, you are welcome to spin instead, which is what all of us might be doing anyway if this warm weather continues. Right now the snow is too low and melted to use. I do have several extra pairs of snowshoes to lend. They fit all sizes of boots. Have extra poles as well. If we do snowshoe, we'll go from 10 - 11 since the snow is the least sticky at that time.

Seems like we haven't done much show and tell lately, or perhaps I just haven't been at the meetings, but am really curious to know what everyone has been up to, so please bring show and tell.

Most of you have been here before, so am not including directions; just e-mail me if you need them. An RSVP would be helpful so I know how much food to make and chairs to set up.

Please come!

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  1. Oh I have a headache from laughing today. What a team. And thanks Linda!