Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Activities

Join us at the Pagosa Fiber Festival, May 26 and 27. Spinners are welcome both days to help demonstrate the art of spinning. But feel free to also card, knit, crochet, weave, or whatever you would like to work on during the festival. Linda Smith has told us that there is a spot for the spinners in one of the festival tents. You should probably bring a chair just in case there aren’t enough to go around. Food is available either at the event or in town. Also, there are some wonderful vendors to stock up on your fiber needs. So plan to attend and get some spinning, or whatever you chose to work on, done. Great opportunity to let the public see what we do and why we do it!

An invitation from Bev Modisette:

Hi Wild Wooly Spinners of the West.,

I want to thank you for your spinning at the Pagosa Fiber Festival and look forward to seeing you this year.

I have been working with the president (owner of Pagosa Lodge) of the Pagosa Springs Lodging Association to get discount packages for Pagosa Fiber Festival (PFF) attendees. So, if you would like to stay overnight and get reduced rates go to to see lodging discounts.

All our workshops, except Introduction to High Whorl Spindling by Susan Jones (Town Park), will be held at the Pagosa Lodge. See I also have an instructor biography page at http://pagosafiberfestival. com/workshops/instructors.

For our vendors we not only have a vendors' page but also a Vendors' Product page at http://pagosafiberfestival. com/vendors/vendors-products so visitors to our website will know what our vendors are selling.

I hope a lot of you will enter our competitions . We have 3 divisions - Handspun Yarn, Fleece, and Finished Products (consists of products produced by crocheting, felting, knitting, and/or weaving). We judge our entry against a standard, not against submitted competition entries. First, second, and third place ribbons are awarded for each category in each division. The overall best in each division will be awarded a bronze medallion on a hand-braided horsehair necklace with silver findings. And, the Best of Show overall for all entries in all competitions will be awarded a silver medallion on a hand-braided horsehair necklace, with silver findings, awarded to the Best of Show. If you would like to know a little bit about our judges, then go to Our guidelines and entry rules can be found at

And, we are having a fun competition - a Sheep to Shawl competition!

One of our vendors is going to give a demonstration on a circular sock knitting machine. Just image all the socks you could knit in a short amount of time! I do have one (it is an antique) myself but I do not know how to use it or how to put it together (it came in pieces).

I look forward to meeting you at PFF. Please come to the PFF booth and introduce yourselves.


Bev Modisette President Pagosa Fiber Festival


Animas Museum Help
As you may know, the Animas Museum is always happy to provide us with a place to spin in Durango. This month, the museum is holding the annual Community Heritage Awards on May 25th and has asked us if we would provide donations for a gift basket like we did last year. If you would like to donate a skein of yarn, some fleece, whatever! please drop it off at the museum before May 25th. THANKS! For more information on the Community Heritage Awards check out


Looking Forward to Bayfield Heritage Days
From Linda Smith:
Bayfield Heritage Days is already being planned for last weekend in September. I am sort of in charge along with Linda Parmiter of getting some sheepy events for kids going, such as koolaid dyes and felting balls or felting around rocks or something...sure would like input and help. It is a time when our guild can do some spinning, weaving, knitting, etc. in public and they are willing to put up a shelter just for the guild as well as for a kid space. Would you guys please talk about this...I know there are probably many other things going on that weekend. I intend to vend there; it worked out pretty well for me last year, and since they are planning ahead, hoping that this year will be better than last. We could even get together as a guild and have a booth and sell stuff if anyone is interested. It is a better market for created items than it is for roving and fleece. Anyway, please have everyone think about it and see what you want to do. All events would occur on Saturday. Whatever they do on Sunday won't be of interest to any of us, I don't think..won't be vendors and such on Sunday.

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

All for now--hope to see you at Pagosa!

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